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One of the main perfections of the knife is the fact that yes its compact and will fit in your wallet but it’s the quality and design of the knife that makes it so special. With a lot of smaller knives, you may find it difficult to hold or use without the knife slipping out of your hands which can be dangerous and frustrating especially when you are trying to saw or cut, well you will not have the same problem here.

It is built beautifully so it does not matter if you are big guy with large hands or a small woman, it really does not matter as the grip design is universal and just fits all perfectly, I know we are getting a little excited here but it’s a real work of genius as the robust polypropylene handle/grip easily folds around the sharp stainless steel edges, transforming the credit card knife into an instant pocket-friendly item.

The slick body also features a built in protective sheath, which protects the user from potential accidents. This unique scalpel blade is designed to fit easily into your pocket, wallet or purse, it has a very appealing design that would make it stand out as center of attention each time it’s shown.

The knife itself has many, many uses but the main power of the knife is both it’s covert disguise and razor sharp quality and durability.

For such a small knife you may be expecting a blunt or brittle invention – oh how incorrect, you will be hugely surprised at how strong this little beast is and what it can actually do for you.

The knife requires no to very little maintenance, it is built using a surgical steel blade which slices through pretty much anything with relative ease. If you are keen on camping and the great outdoors the knife is perfect for you, as it pops in your wallet it is ideal for foraging in the forests gathering mushrooms and other fruits and vegetables, it can also be used in small animal traps where required.

Just think if you are camping or travelling light and you need to chop some vegetables for the pan, just pop out your credit card knife and the job is done it really is that simple. Not only can you use your credit card knife for the great outdoors you can use it in everyday living around your home.

As an example, have you ever bought a toy or a product online from say amazon or one of the main online companies, yeah usually great products but what about the packaging? – We have all seen it where a product is delivered especially if its for one of the kids and you can’t get it open as it’s so nicely packed it just seems locked! – not anymore, just pop out your credit card knife and cut right through the packaging like butter.

The above are just a couple of basic examples on how you can use your brand new insta-blade surgical steel credit card knife in either survival or day to day living circumstances, it really is a dream to own and did we mention you can own your own for FREE?